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This is Jimmy

Post  Jimmy on Thu Jan 24, 2008 7:25 pm

Hey guys im Jimmy Major or as some of you know Garland James Major III is my real name...Im 15 years old and I go to J.L. Mann Academy and I play football there. Im #70 if any of you come and watch my games haha. I'm a pretty decent guy if you get to know me and im pretty much the top dog in the youth group haha...and I guess ill do the survey too...

What month were you born in

Where do you live
5 Carter Dr. Greenville, SC

…Describe Your…

its black and leather...its got a few bucks in it

Dream car
a dark blue BMW m5 or a lexus SC 430...i would go with a GMC JIMMY too haha

it says oral b and its orange and white

Jewellery worn daily
i dont really wear jewelry

Pillow Case

very dark brown

small and usually messy

lacoste cologne

Cd in stereo
last time i checked it was switchfoot


clothes as usual

nothing too pretty happy with all i have

Last thing you ate
a pop tart haha

Something you are afraid of
what are you talking about? im not afraid of ANYTING

Do you like candles

Do you like the taste of blood
??? what kind of question is that

Do you believe in love
sure i do

Do you believe in soul mates

Do you like seafood
HECK YES! haha i love seafood

Do you remember your dreams

Do you consider yourself a study freak
no way...i only study for exams haha, i need to study though

Do you like tattoos
it depends on the tattoo

Do you burn easily in the sun
nope...i very rarely burn

Do you speak another language other than English
a few words from a lot of countries...but mainly spanish

What’s something you wish you could understand better

Are you shy around a crush
i used to be but im trying to stop now

What book would you recommend to anyone
the bible...duh haha

Last show you watched an entire episode of

Last movie you watched at home
we are marshall

Got any plans for the weekend
church, church, and more church

Who do you miss
mainly claren and coach rance

Last incoming call on your cell phone
my mom asking if i was home

What is the last thing you downloaded onto your computer

What’s your favorite restaurant
charlie's steak house

Last time you swam in a pool
a couple summers ago i think

What was the last thing you bought
a ride home

A secret about you
umm well to pick out of a bunch i would say that im pretty weak when it comes to things

Ever made a prank phone call
who hasn't honestly

Where did Waldo go
i dont know

Do you really know all the words to your national anthem
yes i do but i cant sing it well haha

What did your last text message say
"ok you can do it haha"

Have you ever been in a beauty pageant
definitely not...but i would surely win if i was haha jk

Have you ever written poetry
yes but just for school

Have you ever won a trophy

Are you a good cook
you bet

Do you know how to pump your own gas

Think fast, who do you hate right now
Satan was first to come to mind

What do you want to get out of the ESBC Bible Read
I want to be able to understand the bible and significantly improve in my walk with God

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