Haley Ouzts! :D

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Haley Ouzts! :D

Post  Haley21 on Thu Jan 17, 2008 5:12 pm

What's up guys??? I'm HALEY! I'm also a member of ESBC! I love the youth group and everyone in it! I'm soooooo excited about this forum because it's going to be AWESOME! Tommy and Lucy are greattt people and i'm looking forward to talking about the bible and learning more about God with everyone! I LOVE volleyball, family, friends, esbc, and txting! AND MORE! but i'm just going to take this survey because i don't know what else to write! Very Happy

What month were you born in
Where do you live
Greenville ,SC G-VEGAS!

…Describe Your…

Vera Bradley! The green one!
Dream car
Hybrid! Because i'm all about saving the environment! and gas is a pain in the rear.
It's blue and white!
Jewellery worn daily
Ring givin to me by my nana! [birthstone]
Pillow Case
It's green and it's amazing!
Blueish greenish.
Very bright and unique because i live on a lake and i have a huge window over my bed that looks out to the lake and it's a realllly big room! I LOVE IT!
Abercrombie and fitch: 8
Cd in stereo
Well, i just use iPods now!
Ears (:
Snow clothes!
hmmm... to get out of school tomorrow too!
Last thing you ate
Sandwitch and a pop sicle. [spelling]?
Something you are afraid of?
Alligators, crocodiles, and sharks lol!
Do you like candles
Do you like the taste of blood
Do you believe in love
Oh yes.
Do you believe in soul mates
Do you like seafood
Do you remember your dreams
Yes, most of them!
Do you consider yourself a study freak
Hahah nope.
Do you like tattoos
not really! But i like Lucy's! Very Happy
Do you burn easily in the sun
Do you speak another language other than English
I'm taking German next year!
What’s something you wish you could understand better
Are you shy around a crush
Haha... not really.
What book would you recommend to anyone
Redeeming Love.
Last show you watched an entire episode of
Kyle XY
Last movie you watched at home
Pearl Harbor.
Got any plans for the weekend
Oh yes! Very Happy
Who do you miss
My mommy! She's in las vegas!
Last incoming call on your cell phone
What is the last thing you downloaded onto your computer
What’s your favorite restaurant
I like a lot of different restaurants!
Last time you swam in a pool
What was the last thing you bought
Arbys! haha
A secret about you
hmm... I have one, but it's too big to tell!
Ever made a prank phone call
Where did Waldo go
Idk, i'm terrible at those things!
Do you really know all the words to your national anthem
What did your last text message say
I bet it will freeze over tonight and we won't have school tomorrow. (from: ansley)
Have you ever been in a beauty pageant
Have you ever written poetry
i've attempted it. lol
Have you ever won a trophy
Yepp! A lot!
Are you a good cook
If i have a recipe and the ingredients!
Do you know how to pump your own gas
Yess, not that i have a car yet! lol!
Think fast, who do you hate right now
Umm, no one. Hate's a bad thing!
What do you want to get out of the ESBC Bible Read
I reallllly want to finally finish the bible so i won't have any more doubts about the lord and his word. I also want to learn more about him and what to do in certain situations that happen in my life and how he wants me to go about fixing them.


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Re: Haley Ouzts! :D

Post  Johnny Bighead on Fri Jan 18, 2008 1:14 am

nice to meet you haley, welcome aboard!
Johnny Bighead

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