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This is Cecily

Post  Cecily on Thu Jan 17, 2008 10:14 pm

Hey everyone! My name is Cecily Young, and if you've never heard Lucy saying my middle name...then you just don't need to know it. haha...anyways, I go to Greenville High, and I play lacrosse. I've tried a lot of times to read the whole bible, but I always quit somewhere in Leviticus or something. So I'm really excited about being part of this group and having people to read the bible with, and I'm excited to learn more about God and his plans for my life!!

so since everyone else is doing this survey...

What month were you born in
Where do you live
On Earle St. woohoo!

…Describe Your…

the only thing i wanted for Christmas...the only thing i didn't get
Dream car
a bright yellow VW van
it says Dr. Barton Aiken on it!
Jewellery worn daily
earrings...pretty much
Pillow Case
white with grey swirlies on it
blue i guess
white, small, peaceful
hmm...none usuallly
Cd in stereo i think i just use my ipod. but if I had one, it would be playing wholesome music
ears, tongue, eyebrows, etc =)
the kind of clothes that make swishy noises when you move, waterproof for THE SNOW!!!!!!
to read the bible duh
Last thing you ate
a yummy blueberry muffin
Something you are afraid of
bugs, clowns, axe murderers, bugs
Do you like candles
Do you like the taste of blood
definitely, especially since i'm a vampire?
Do you believe in love
Do you believe in soul mates
Do you like seafood
as long as i dont have to peel any shrimp
Do you remember your dreams
sometimes, not often
Do you consider yourself a study freak
oh no I'm naturally smart
Do you like tattoos
oh yeah, especially on wrinkly old people
Do you burn easily in the sun
don't get me started. I'm so pale i look like I could be dead
Do you speak another language other than English
hola amigo! wi wi! vas is das?
What’s something you wish you could understand better
Are you shy around a crush
no, i just usually fall over or something
What book would you recommend to anyone
The Chronicles of Narnia except for the last one
Last show you watched an entire episode of
Forensic Files
Last movie you watched at home
Mr. Bean's Holiday
Got any plans for the weekend
no. unless being cool counts
Who do you miss
lots of people
Last incoming call on your cell phone
i have no idea who they were but they want me to vote for them
What is the last thing you downloaded onto your computer
pictures. of my snowman.
What’s your favorite restaurant
Thaicoon, Handi, and Atlanta Bread Company
Last time you swam in a pool
oh man, at the beach this summer i think
What was the last thing you bought
A secret about you
i have to sleep with my light on after i watch scary movies.
Ever made a prank phone call
Where did Waldo go
i'm pretty sure he's lost in the airport
Do you really know all the words to your national anthem
its not that i don't know the words. i just don't know the order they go in. and then i get distracted because that silly song goes so high!
What did your last text message say
hmm...guess who doesn't have texting?
Have you ever been in a beauty pageant
psshh no. but someday I'm going to be Miss America!
Have you ever written poetry
yeah...and then I go read it at poetry readings =)
Have you ever won a trophy
from being in chorus in 5th grade
Are you a good cook
at macaroni!
Do you know how to pump your own gas
Think fast, who do you hate right now
whoever decided to put our laundry room in the basement
What do you want to get out of the ESBC Bible Read
I want to learn more about God as we read the bible, and grow to have a more intimate relationship with Him.

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Re: This is Cecily

Post  Johnny Bighead on Fri Jan 18, 2008 12:59 am

i think you would be a stellar miss America, go for it
Johnny Bighead

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